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Our service focuses on three pillars:

Interim Project Management

For projects to be successful, a good balance between content and the finances is vital. Genda Project Finance has a keen eye for both perspectives from beginning to end and follow-up.

Assessment and Increasing Capacity

A solid basis is a pre-condition for achieving your plans, goals, and outcomes. All facets of your financial management – planning, recordkeeping, monitoring and controls – need to be connected efficiently, effectively and logically for the best result.

Financial Sustainability

Genda Project Finance likes to think creative and solution-driven together with you to work out various scenarios to strengthen in the short and longer term your financial base. An external view is very refreshing, enriching, and a well worth investment.

Contributing to meaningful change and good results in an effective way. That’s what we’re about.


For non-profit organizations active in the field of charity and international cooperation from headquarters to field offices and local partner organizations worldwide.

Financial management

For the financial management of your organisation and your projects.


For the connection and cross-over between the financial and organisational sides.


For everyone who wants to become a financial hero!

Which kind of information does the assessment provide?



Is the organization sound, complete, effective, efficient, accountable, transparent and fraud-proof?

Comply with the requirements?

Does the organization comply with the requirements and conditions of its members, donors, other stakeholders and national regulations and laws?

Knowledge and skills

Do staff and board have sufficient knowledge and skills


Are the roles and responsibilities clearly defined and allocated?


What are the risk areas?

We’ve worked with some heavyweights

Stichting Vrouwelijke Entrepreneurs
KIT logo
Wage Indicator
Oxfam Novib
Mama Cash
  • Tendayi is nice, cool, creative, honest and really delivers good work. Already for 9 years we have been working together; what more do I need to say!

    Paulien Osse, directeur van WageIndicator Foundation/Stichting Loonwijzer, Amsterdam
  • Tendayi Matimba was commissioned by the ITUC to handle the financial management of an extensive 4-year project involving 12 countries. It was a successful management in terms of respecting time frames, good quality and performance, excellent communication with ITUC national and international partners as well as concerned staff. I certainly recommend Tendayi Matimba’s services!

    Nelson de Macedo, financieel directeur , International Trade Union Confederation, Brussel
  • Tendayi has a clear vision and strong commitment to social justice. She has worked hard to enable young women in disadvantaged communities in the Netherlands to access opportunities for economic development and to enhance their livelihoods. She brings energy and dedication to her work on development, which was a strong asset during her many years of freelance tenure at Oxfam Novib.

    Catherine Essoyan, regionaal director Midden-Oosten en Noord Afrika , Oxfam Novib, Den Haag
  • If there’s anything I find daunting, it’s taking care of my financial administration/bookkeeping. Worse than a visit to the dentist! Thanks to the thoughtful and thorough help from Tendayi Matimba I’ve started feeling more confident.

    Saron Petronilia van Petronilia Coaching and Training, Utrecht

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